No Knead To Panic Bread

Simple . Fresh . Satisfying

Here’s the deal….

We are facing a pandemic and while everyone is stocking up on sanitizer and toilet paper you can’t help but wonder “are they going to eat the toilet paper”.

The energy is….. annoying….. with panicked people taking to social media and draining the social order. I am a walking panic attack and yet somehow I’m not buckling down in a underground bunker. If I did I would say it would be similar to a “unbreakable” episode. So how can we stay cool, calm and clonazepam?

When I am overwhelmed I bake. Or I cook but either way those closest to me are faced with a catch 22 of constant fresh pastries but a unstable creative mess. Naturally during this time my weapon of choice is my hands and I am looking forward to sharing. Not only to calm me but also to give you, the public, a chance to make your house hold a panDAMNic good time indoors.

Now we can’t break bread but let’s make bread. So without being one of those blogs where you scroll past a 7 page life story about overcoming the tribulations of gluten or facing some kind of heroic moment in my life to change my families dietary status in hopes to just find a fudging recipe I’ll make it simple.

Here’s what you put into a bowl together… yes just mix with a wooden spoon or hands in a bowl. (Not metal) It can be that simple friends.

No Knead “to panic” Bread

  • 3 cups all purpose or whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water (bath water warm)
  • 1 tbsp dry active yeast (not fast acting)
  • Tsp or so on course salt…or salt…or pink salt….just salt

Very simply put these ingredients together in a bowl. Put the salt last because it can kill yeast with long direct contact. It may be a bit chunky but that’s ok. Work it out well with a wooden spoon and then cover with plastic wrap, wax cloth or some kind of cover.



8-12 hours later depending on your life you come back to this little counter top goddess smelling wonderfully fermented to finish her off.

Set your oven to 450. Using a Dutch oven or a oven safe containment with a lid this bread will bake from the inside out. Making sure that the high temp doesn’t give you a doughy gross mess in the centre with a deceptive gorgeous crust. place your Dutch oven in the oven to make sure it gets hot as well.

Note: I am new at this blog game and I don’t know how to highlight a word so it auto searches shit. That being said if you don’t know what a Dutch oven or cocotte is google it. If you don’t have one GET ONE. Gas’s is practically free so while your saving on that craziness spend it on one of these. I have probably 8 different ones and sizes. Cast iron to ceramic. $300 to $60. And honestly price does not change what it does. I have the classics from le creuset and the ones from Ikea. Genuinely until I have some kind of awesome sponsorship the honest truth is a solid structure with a lid is what you need. Brand and price play no factor in my choices but my French culinary degree lend me to enjoy the traditional shape and colours of Le creuset. I do prefer ceramic over cast iron only for bread making. If you continue to want to learn some cooking skills with me it will pay off cause these bitches were crock pots before crock pots were a thing and I use them a lot for many things I make.

Le Creuset Dutch oven

In the mean time….

Side slash some flour on your counter top or wood board. You don’t need a crazy amount. Scrape out your dough and fold the edges into the centre to create a ball. Pinch your seems. Put a bunch of flour on the bottom of your bowl. Lay the ball seems down. Top with flour and cover again. Put near your stove of in a warm spot. Let rise again for 30 min.

Now that the bread has risen, oven is hot and your salivating for a hot buttery snack LETS GET THIS BREAD

“Butter is better” – every French chef who taught me

Take out your Dutch oven. Move your dough ball into the Dutch oven and put the lid back on.

I always put a design into the top. Using a knife or scissors.

In a pie dish or something oven safe place a bunch of ice cubes in the bottom rack of the oven. This will steam helping the rise of your dough. Also called “proofing”. Now put the Dutch oven back into the oven. ….

You know a good drinking came would be a shot every time I say oven lol

Let this bake for 20 min with the lid on. Then take the lid off. bake again now for possibly 20 min more but knowing your oven you judge by the colour. Looking at my photos try for a similar colour. I did no colour filtering so you can see a realistic look at the colour.

Dark brown breaks with soft brown exterior

Once it is ready pull that sucker out and take that dough OUDDA DER. Set on the counter and cover with a lightly damp cloth. This will just help to soften up the crust and release the steam inside. Rest for at least 15 min so it doesn’t press the dough.

OMG YOU DID IT! Do you feel super dooper awesome. I do because I hate typing and look what we did. I wrote and you made…. we are just killin it.

So now you have the recipe you can make it your own. Italian seasoning, roasted garlic, sesame seeds, hemp hearts, who knows what you can do now. …. well you can feed your family and impress guests….just in time for quarantine to be over.

Forrest loves it hot with raspberry jam

I really hope that your home find a rhythm in this all and please only buy what you need. Make what you can and find calm in the chaos