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So it became apparent from the people around us that our every day was a bit more fascinating than what we figured it to be. One could say we are not a “traditional” winery in Niagara. Not a “traditional” farm and in person not the most “traditional” family run business. We all play a different roll but sometimes knowing our place becomes harder to remember. Either way our little world proved to be of interest to guest and customers while following along was not a possibility outside of visiting on site or simple media outlets. Limited to photos and short blurbs on instagram and facebook has never come close to fully depicting the massive undertaking of a farm.

Finding the angle that we ( probably should add a family tree one day) wanted to approach our story from was maybe made a bit difficult because we have our hands in so many things. Between raising a family, raising animals, and raising the roof. Personally my objective was to also have contributing authors, raw and honest material, educational perspectives and departments that could categorize the projects that are happening. AND FOOD….with out food I don’t know if one could really be enveloped by farm life. The literal fruits of our labour is AMAZING.

In the end its been decided (pretty well on my own) that this would be a catalogue.

All of the trials and tribulations of this life.

I’m not waiting for retirement to try it all