The Why

First off I should state that I’m not a blogger. I’m not really a writer and above all I am the furthest thing from a good speller. So expect some small town public school education and sarcasm to follow

What am I good at? Actually great at… Making and trying things.

I have a intense, uncontrollable passion for handcrafted anything. From food to fibers. Wine to willow.

I will create out of any medium. The idea of resurrecting a ancient art and bringing it to a younger generation in a contemporary way is my mission. In no way are we limited to just craft as our family farm is also home to a collection of animals and plants in need of mothering. Along with our family, we are modern day farmers finding our way in agritourism. Keeping this farm in our family is the final goal.

‘My family has been farming in Jordan Ontario since before Canada was a country. The deed to our land extends back to 1811 and while I wasn’t their to bear whiteness to the struggle of settling a new farm, I very well appreciate every minute spend on making the property our families homestead. The current struggle is real so I can’t imagine what kinda shit they had to deal with.

Our Victorian estate has been the backdrop to countless memories. To be a fly on histories wall would be these buildings. The barn and house hold a lot of untold secrets. None that I seem to be privie to above other family members.

One could say I’m a “fan” of our farm. I’m very proud to be a family member. Proud of my ancestors contribution to growing in Niagara. Extremely proud to be a small piece of the current operations here but there is still so much we want to do.

Seems so simple really. Sit down and write a list then highlight as you complete them. …. ahhh no. Running a farm is no 9-5 job. It’s a “shit! It’s raining” or “shit! We need rain” cluster of a mess in our heads. So that “to do” list becomes a not so prominent thought.

BUT… over the past year we have discovered that the slow process to transitioning back to our roots as a partial homestead would give us the satisfaction of crafting while still having a great focus on farming.

‘My absolute obsession for animals works well with all our land. Livestock that pay their rent in product have become a staple in our decisions when it comes to new furry friends. … not the dogs…they have a purpose and it’s to be awesome! Actually the goats have yet to prove them selves really but their so damn cute…THEY STAY

Free range butt nuggets

Homesteading, farming and being a maker are probably the three top job titles to avoid if making money is what your after. Then your screwed because your gonna be very tired with empty pockets. Probably some lint and hay in there but definitely not fun money.

So we get paid in reward. The end result to each plant, animal, fruit or project is the fuel that keeps our little ambitious engines going. Ok so we also have real jobs….Matt is a winemaker and although I am a trained chef and art school drop out I have found myself now taking on media, mental health awareness, animal advocacy and cultivating kindness full time. I kinda drift through and do what needs to be done but for the most part it all falls under those umbrellas. SO because of this I live on the farm and get to explore my love of Niagara in very tangible ways.

Now although they were planted long before I was a bullet in the barrel, my roots are here in Jordan. This is the story of growing our Niagara and sewing a future stemmed from the past. Puns intended!