Just quick…

Farming in Ontario has been made very difficult with competitive pricing from the states or Mexico. Family run farms are slowly closing and finding a product that is current and relative led us to the idea…. Let’s drink! Viticulture became the topic of choice. We live in prime wine country Canada. With a small history in juice grapes and knowing that our land was very well designed for grape growing the plan was made.

In 2007 we made a drastic change in production. Making the decision to pull out our sour cherries and some other tree made way for the chance to plant new vines. On top of this my father emotionally decided to close the doors on his family construction company. My mother, in hopes of getting over a fear of flying and subsidizing a income to help off set the cost of new vines took on a flight attendant position with West Jet. So during this whirl wind period in all our lives we were all balancing other full time jobs. Not easy friends.

After some research and advice from reputable friends in the wine making industry, Cabernet Franc and Riesling were chosen as the best contenders for our flag ship varietals..

For a while fruit was sold to other wineries until the belief was that starting our own label was the next step in our growth.

From there we have continued to grow thanks to a incredible wine maker, quality staff and extremely loyal and supportive customers both local and tourists alike.

That being said we have chosen to remain small and craft. Putting every effort into making our small winery stand strong along side our neighbouring vineyards.

Peaches, pears, nectarines as well as our garden has made eating seasonal and local very easy. This year we will be planting Willow and that adventure is purely to enable a passion for weaving.

We can not be found in any shops for purchase aside from onsite. Our small production also sells fairly quickly. Still we have the opportunity to give the customer a great experience in our tasting room.

Our first vintage available to retail was in 2012. Our image has changes and matured throughout the years. This spring we also completely re-vamped our branding. Being a creative being I loved that part of my new tittle. The end result was polished and unique to a wine label. Ill have to do a post about that process and why the last thing I wanted was a wine label….I wanted a brand.

Often we accomplish our aim and that is to make sure that strangers leave as friends. We take great pride in showing our side of Niagara. Our heritage. Our roots.

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